A Place In Dallas

Good thing about vising Dallas is that I have a place to stay when I need to.  A relative of mine lives in a fully-furnished apartment there.  She was very happy to find an apartment that is close to her work.  All furnishings she needed in a unit are already installed – full kitchen, luxury bedroom, comfy sofas, wi-fi, fridge, and other appliances.

There is no need to stress yourself in finding a place to settle in Dallas because what you should get is a unit where everything you need is in place.  Dallas furnished apartments are convenient, comfortable, and practical.

Canceled Visit

My cousin invited us to go to Dallas Arboretum.  We agreed to go in the afternoon today, Sunday.  I have not been there since I arrived here in Texas.

We both decided to meet up there because my husband and I had to go to town to take care of an errand.  When we are about to go after lunch at Whataburger, heavy rain started falling.  My cousin called saying their in Rockwall turning to I30 and it’s raining hard over there.  I told her we are still in Garland and the rain is heavy too.  So the visit to Dallas Arboretum is postponed.  We will just reschedule it some other time.

For ticket costs and events, visit dallasarboretum.org and plan your visit now.