Easy Navigation Using A GPS

Simple and inexpensive traveling makes me happy.  A visit to a friend or a family’s house for a get-together means a lot to me.  I like good conversations and lots of talking…fun.

Driving is not a problem to me.  I am careful.  And because I own a Garmin Nuvi GPS or Global Positioning System, going places is easy as having a map.  A friend offered it to me since she was buying a new one.  I was so happy to have it.  The first time I used my GPS was when I went to the Hong Kong  Market in Grand Prairie.  It was a great experience because that was the first time I drove on I20 myself.  The GPS has a 5-inch screen.  It tells me where to turn or what lane to stay on.  A map shows on the screen highlighting the route in a pink shade.

Now I can go wherever I want.  With my Garmin GPS, I will not get lost.  I wonder if I can use this GPS in my country.

Family Out-Of-Town Trip

We are going on a trip out-of-town today.  It is our usual visit to my in-laws in Tyler.  I will be driving about a hundred miles this afternoon.  I am very comfortable driving in the Interstate.  In fact, I run within the speed limit without getting nervous.  We like driving to the back roads/country roads because East Texas has a beautiful scenery.

We are packing and loading my car fully and mostly with my daughter’s stuff-walker, infant bath tub, play pen, etc.  She has one diaper bag full of clothes, shoes, body essentials, wipes, toys, and a pack of diapers.  Plus, she has another bag with her food and water in it.

Our red luggage bag, which has been serving us for years, is fully packed with our clothing and gadgets.  Plus, we have a mini-travel bag that carries our body essentials and other necessities.  Whew!  What a work.  My husband is loading everything in the car now.  And yes we set a record!  Everything is in the care including the feeding chair.  Wow!

The Result Of Miss Universe 2011 Pageant In Sao Paulo Brazil

Although I did not make it to Brazil (I am a dreamer) to witness the Miss Universe 2011 Pageant, technology has gone a long way and been very successful in connecting people and places without too much cost.   So I watched the pageant in the comfort of my home.

 Top 5 Finalist for Miss Universe 2011 and winners according to rank:

Zilin Luo from China- 4th Runner Up

Shamcey Supsup from Philippines – 3rd Runner Up

Priscilla Machado from Brazil-2nd Runner Up

Olesya Stefanko fromUkraine-1st Runner Up

Leila Lopes from Angola-Miss Universe 2011

Special Awards:

Miss Montenegro, Nikolina Lonkar-Miss Congeniality

Miss Sweden, Ronnia Fornstedt-Miss Photogenic

Miss Panama, Sheldry Saez-winner of Best National Costume