What’s In Our Bags?

When traveling, it is necessary to bring a travel bag or a hand-carry luggage.  Because women have more necessities than men, we carry at least two travel bags.  And in special situations, we need to carry or bring more than that.

 Tote/Purse – I carry one for my personal things like wallet, cellphone, keys, travel size perfume, mini-makeup kit, planner, digital camera, GPS, checkbook, pen, inspirational booklet, and change.

Travel Bag – Whenever my family and I travel, we always carry the luggage.  It has been with my husband’s possession for years.  The durability is undeniable.  It is an Olympia travel luggage.  We can fill it with our pants, jeans, shirts, jackets, underwear, socks, laptop, 2-3 books, and a blanket.  There are spacious side pockets where we can put the  chargers (for our cellphones and laptop).

travel bag from http://www.meritline.com/

In my situation, I am a first time mother and traveling with baby needs lots of preparation time.  So my baby has her own travel bag which is the diaper bag itself.  She also has an extra bag to put her food in.

Diaper Bag – I use a large diaper bag for travel so we can put a couple of baby clothes, blanket, socks, wipes, diapers and pad, sweater, hat, bath and body essentials (minis), towel, few toys, two baby books, hair bow and brush.

diaper bag from walmart.com

 Extra Bag/Shopper – In this extra bag we put the formula, feeding bottles, water, baby foods, plate and spoon, bottle brush, and sippy cup.