Family Out-Of-Town Trip

We are going on a trip out-of-town today.  It is our usual visit to my in-laws in Tyler.  I will be driving about a hundred miles this afternoon.  I am very comfortable driving in the Interstate.  In fact, I run within the speed limit without getting nervous.  We like driving to the back roads/country roads because East Texas has a beautiful scenery.

We are packing and loading my car fully and mostly with my daughter’s stuff-walker, infant bath tub, play pen, etc.  She has one diaper bag full of clothes, shoes, body essentials, wipes, toys, and a pack of diapers.  Plus, she has another bag with her food and water in it.

Our red luggage bag, which has been serving us for years, is fully packed with our clothing and gadgets.  Plus, we have a mini-travel bag that carries our body essentials and other necessities.  Whew!  What a work.  My husband is loading everything in the car now.  And yes we set a record!  Everything is in the care including the feeding chair.  Wow!