Fragrances And Your Body Chemistry

I am fascinated with body essentials including fragrances.  Each of us has a preferred scent to wear all day all the time.  I try different kinds of scents so I can tell which one is compatible with my body chemistry.

Why is that the scent we like never smell the same when put onto by another person?  They say that this is because our body has different reactions to perfumes. The following factors affect how a scent smells differently on people:

  • skin type (oily or dry)
  • mood
  • diet
  • health condition
  • environment

When choosing a scent for yourself, consider the factors so your body chemistry can figure out what fragrance is right for you.

By the way, I would like to thank for sending me the free sample of their new scent called Burberry Body.  It is in a travel-size bottle so I can carry it whenever I want, wherever I wander.