Rogue Virus Fake Windows XP Security Alerts

Frustrated and angry.  That’s what I felt when my computer was infected with rogue virus that flashes fake security alert pop ups on the computer screen.  Would you believe that I got the virus from an online directory?  Huh!  Yes that’s right.

I tried looking for help on online forums on how to remove that s**t.  I learned that these rogue viruses are new and are released early this year.  I am one of the unlucky people who have computers infected.  But the removal process is very, very complicated for a user like me who does not have a complete knowledge on software and computer registry.  So I turned to Dell Technical Support.

It was difficult my part because paying that much money for a virus removal service is not what I would like to do.  But, it’s worth it…I guess.

What aggravated me so bad was, my anti-virus/anti-malware did not see it.  Sheez!  I am paying annual subscription on that.  Better get a new, dependable anti-virus software.