Should Turn Plans Into Efforts

I have the motivation but time is very minimal to work on the stuff I needed to do.  I should get focused to have at least a few done.  But in my situation, only the most important things are covered.

How about my other plans?  Arg!  Now I am having a headache.  These plans will lead to money making opportunities.  Please help me God.

Passing The Driver’s License Test

One of the big achievements I had two years ago was passing the Driver’s License Test.  For the first time in my whole life I learned to drive a car.  Why not?  It is very beneficial here in the USA.

When you learn how to drive, you will have the freedom.  You have the ability to go wherever you want.  And for emergency needs in the kitchen, a drive to the nearest grocery store is quick.  My husband bought a Toyota Scion for me to use.  It is a mini-SUV.  I am loving it because it goes 40 mpg on the freeway.

Before I passed the driving test, I took driving classes because my husband did not have the patience on me (laughs).  The duration was six hours of classroom lecture and six hours behind the wheel.  My instructor was very strict and she wanted me to remember and learn from my mistakes on the road.  Parallel parking was the toughest training for me.  I only did it once (at the test).

I am confident with my driving now.  It is really a blessing that I learned how to drive.  Driving on the freeway is a big challenge but takes a lot of guts.  I do make mistakes as I drive around but I learn from them.  The most important thing to do when you are behind the wheel is:  Do not panic.  And always be watchful.

On the other hand, with the gas prices sky rocket, I am limiting my road travels to once a week.

They Do Not Know How To Drive In The Rain

Dang!  Whenever rain pours, there is always heavy traffic.  And after the rain, you hear sirens from police cars and ambulance.  And that is what I hear here inside my house.  No need to guess because it is always like that.  A wreck…somewhere.

Doesn’t it cause a big hassle?  If the person in front of you is driving his/her car like an i***t, do not let that person pissed you off.  Those kind of people are not worth of your time.  Just be watchful around you.

Because some people do not know how to drive in the rain.  Are you one of them?