Punctuality And Job Hunting

My friend called to tell me that she is applying for a new job-same company where we worked before but in a different branch. Her second interview is on Monday. I hope she will get the job. She is a determined, hardworking person. One thing that I advised her is to be very early for the interview. Punctuality always gives a good point in job hunting.

If you want employers to give you a good impression, always be punctual.

5 thoughts on “Punctuality And Job Hunting

  1. @prettymom, thank you. where have you been pretty mom? 🙂

    @Ile, yes. Time is gold.

    @Lina, thank you so much.

    @Aqiqah, I appreciate your comment.


  2. I agree 🙂

    Your link is added in Blog Roll, dear. I follow your blog too…

  3. i agree with this. being punctual is very very important in whatever you are doing.

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