Your Tap Water Can Save You Money

Since my pregnancy, I have been very watchful with my health. I am very careful with what I eat and drink. My doctor prescribed vitamin and food supplements for additional nutrients for me and my baby.

Until now, I am still taking the vitamins. And I am doing my best to eat healthy foods. I don’t drink much coffee or soda. But I drink plenty of water. That is good for me. Especially that our water is filtered. I used to drink bottled water before but with Puriteam countertop water filter, I enjoyed our tap water better.

It is saving us money too. Buying the tap water filter for $99 is worth it because its filter can last up to three years. It is better than buying bottled water every time.
My friend uses a drinking water filter but she is not happy with it. I bet that with Puriteam water filter, she will not have any complain. It is a winner of Parent Tested Parent Approved award so this product is safe for the family.

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