Searching For Jobs Online

Whenever I am alone and tired of watching television, I surf the Internet. It is one of my past time. I get a lot of information on things or subjects that I search. Sometimes I do job searching too.

As you may know, I missed working. There are moments that I thought of my previous employment, my co-workers, and the environment outside the house. You know what I mean? Or maybe I just missed receiving the weekly paycheck. Hahaha! Seriously speaking, that’s one thing.

I sometimes find myself searching for jobs online. Then, after a while, I will realize that I am pregnant. Silly me huh? Well, it will be a couple of years before I can go back to work again. For now, I will enjoy being a stay-at-home mom who still earns extra money at home.

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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I haven’t decided anything yet for Thanksgiving Day. My husband said that his sister will host the Thanksgiving dinner at her house, and mom and dad want us to come over. Though my doctor told me to avoid out-of-the are travels, I think in the 38th week of pregnancy, it is still okay for me to go to an out-of-town trip. We will just stay overnight at my parents-in-law’s house on Thanksgiving then come home the next day. It is better than driving home the same day.

But I haven’t made up my mind yet. I will see my doctor on Monday. I’ll ask her opinion.

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Forgot To Pay My Bills?

Almost. Good thing I had the time to stop by at my favorite department stores. And it’s close to cut off time. Whew!

I don’t want these stores to charge me for late payment fees. That would be irritating. Not cool. I only have two store credit cards because my husband doesn’t want me to get hooked up with those. But I am thinking of closing one of them. I found a better store where I can shop for really good deals.

Anyway, always watch for the due date of your bills payment to avoid rushing…like I did.

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