Organic Infant Formula

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Becoming a mother is a difficult job but rewarding. There are lots of things to give up…at least for a while. Challenges come from the day you know you are pregnant. Everything changes.

What concerns me at this moment is my baby’s nourishment after birth. I am not sure if I can provide breast milk until my baby reaches two years. Eating a well-balanced diet is what I am doing to help my body accumulate nutrients to produce milk.

I asked advice from my friends who are mothers too. Based on their experience, infant formula can be of help if your supply breast milk is minimal. That sounds like a good idea. It is not because I do not want to breastfeed. I’d love to. But infant formula is for back-up, just in case. Many infant formula are available in the market. Some of the milk are familiar to me and been proven very nutritional. However, there are mothers who recommend organic infant formula like Bright Beginnings. It is a milk-based organic infant formula with iron, DHA and ARA-the nutrients found in breast milk that play a big role in babies’ development as they grow.


It led me to thinking to do the same thing if, and only if, my breast milk is not enough. Since the infant formula Bright Beginnings available at, I can just go online and buy some when needed.

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