Anniversary Movie Date This Weekend

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Yay! It’s the weekend. I cannot wait to have a great relaxation on my three-day weekend off. Exciting! What’s more about this is that, it is my second wedding anniversary this month and my husband and I are going to celebrate out-of-state. We will go to Oklahoma (as usual) *smiles*.

Like other husband and wife out there, we like to hang out and relax whenever there is a chance. Since this is our second wedding anniversary, gift giving is not out of the plan. Fine dining in a cozy restaurant has been the tradition ever since my husband and I were still dating. Anyway, another thing we love doing on a special occasion like this is going to a movie date. Yes, if there is a good one to watch. We prefer watching comedy and adventure movies. This time, we found one. And it will start playing in cinemas tomorrow! I am talking about Date Night Movie starring Steve Carell and Tina Fey. I bet you remember Steve Carell, right? He is one of the finest actor/comedian in Hollywood. Have you seen his previous movie? Ugh, it was a hit! When I first saw the trailer of Date Night, I talked to my husband immediately about the interest to watch the movie. First day of showing is tomorrow, April 9, so better go to your favorite movie theaters and enjoy a good laugh this weekend! Feel free to watch the trailer below.

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One thought on “Anniversary Movie Date This Weekend

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    Here is a poem I wrote: I hope you and yours enjoy it.

    And The Time Of our Lives
    These Are The Time Of our Lives
    For You and I
    Why do I feel what I feel when I cry while you cry

    When I feel far away and yet so close
    The sound of your voice

    It can make me fly and can make me sigh

    You are such an emotional person it comes through me So strong
    How do you do it
    And you think that I'm stronger I know

    We need one another You and I

    Lets go see a sunset or walk in the woods
    or on the beach

    Look up to the stars or the moon in the sky

    Whether we are together or apart
    A bond has grown

    It's You and I And The Time Of Our Lives

    Copyright : 2004 Susan J Flory ~
    Best Wishes,Susan

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