Customer Complaint

I was bad trip at work this evening. This is what I get by being very helpful with customers. See, a customer will complain about me on Monday. About what? For trying to help. She said that I was rude and she felt aggravated though all I wanted to do is to help her with a purchase. According to her, I was thinking that she will get out of the store with the merchandise.

Things happen at the same time that time. After dealing with that customer, the phone started to get crazy and two customers are in line waiting to get their transaction done.

The story about the complain is not complicated. The customer just wanted to make me feel bad about what happened to her gift card and the merchandise that she cannot purchase with it. Oh well, I will wait for her to call on Monday. She is very welcome to talk to my manager anytime.

You cannot please everybody. And that is true. Though you gave your best customer service, still, some people do not appreciate you.

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Work At Home Opportunity

Speaking of a part time job, blogging has given me the idea how to make money online part time. I have been doing it for about two years now. Personally I say that blogging becomes my hobby and earning resource at the same time. Setting up a weblog is free and easy but there things to consider if you decide to make money with it.

Anyway, there are two ways to earn money from blogs. First, is blog advertising. You offer ad space in your blog or website. Many businesses out there are eager to get their products and services noticed by the public. Part of their marketing strategy is advertising. Besides placing ads on media, businesses also put their ads online because, in general, people use the Internet. So they enter blog advertising as the main platform of marketing their products and services. Companies that advertise on blogs gain leads and traffic which in turn become customer potential. Second, is accepting paid posts. If a blog has a very high traffic, strong relevant content, and excellent ranking in search engines, the potential of getting high offers to write articles for advertisers are a big possibility. Paid to blog websites like can help bring a lot of opportunity leads to blogs. What is really cool is that, advertisers give high offers to bloggers.

Blogging presently has become an advertising trend. I am thankful that these paid to blog websites trust my ability to impart my opinion on things. I keep my originality in my contents because it matters to me. Besides, my focus here is to earn in a decent manner. This is a part time earning opportunity for me without rushing and worrying about being late. I manage my time between my full time job, family, and Internet.

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Look For A Part Time Job

Do not hesitate to look for a part time job when needed. Because we need extra income to support our family needs, a part time job on weekends might be of help.

Some department stores hire part timers especially on holiday season. And if you get lucky, who knows you will become a full time employee in the company.

Take your chances. Strive for the best.

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