Hong Kong Market

As usual, I am enjoying my three days off. My husband and I has the weekend together. We went to PNB (Philippine National Bank) today at the Hong Kong Market in Grand Prairie. We could not find a parking spot because the parking lot is full. Maybe because it is a Saturday? ‘Don’t know. Then we saw the reason why when we entered the market. There was a campaign going on. Plus the preparation for Chinese New Year is on too. Various exhibit, picture taking, and loud fire crackers (fake) made the market very busy in addition to regular grocery shopping on a Saturday. Chinese New Year falls on a Sunday, February 14. And the Asia Times Square is ready for the celebration.

Hong Kong Market

Lucky bamboos

Cha-lupe at Rio Mambo Tex Mex Restaurant (Fort Worth)

Whenever my day off falls on a weekend, I make sure my husband and I spend quality time together. Dining out, driving around, grocery shopping, or watching movies are some of the important outdoor activities we enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Hong Kong Market

  1. I love those lucky bamboos. It is so expensive here in US. Added you to my link and thanks for the visit!

  2. ayay! kaka envy naman ang bonding ninyo ni hubby…shopping shopping lang….ehhehehe!

    love the photos…thanks for sharing…salamat sa pag labay!

  3. wow! buti ka pa dyan pa shopping2x lang..kami di sa pinas kayod ng kayod..lol! xlinks ta?

  4. I miss Hong Kong 🙁 wish I could visit this summer!. Valentine's Day pala ang Chinese New Year! mukhang swerte 🙂

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