Job Review And Salary Increase

‘Had my review and signed it. I am very good in my job. I get high compliments from the supervisors. My manager said she really wants to give me an increase. But I guess the store budget cannot allow it at this time. Some departments are currently short handed and managers cannot hire people yet.

I am happy with my job. The compensation I am getting helps me a lot. The next review is in July. But, still, I am hoping to get an increase. Let’s see *smiles*.

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Keep In Touch With Your Contacts In This Free Web-Based Teleconferencing

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Speek. All opinions are 100% mine.

‘Glad to get off from work early because I got the chance to watch the Women’s Free Skate Final. It was a great competition. While watching the competition, my cousins and I are talking. Actually, we are teleconferencing.

Because my two cousins lives miles away from me, we enjoy teleconferencing in the evening. It is the only time we get in touch with each other for we all work during the day. And on weekends, we have our own plans with our families.

My cousin in Oregon told about this new teleconference application called Speek, that can be used with voice-over-Internet (VOI) applications like Google Talk and Skype . I did not know anything about it. She said you can dial out through Speek to your family and friends who uses any VOI applications. Sounds interesting to me but…how much is the charge? I asked. Surprisingly, it is a free web-based teleconferencing system. So anybody can benefit with Speek, I guess.

I have been using many kinds of chat applications. Great features and speed highly matters to me. It is very important that I can speak with my loved ones clearly without any statics. I am interested and if you want to try it, register for private beta on Speek. Again, it is FREE.

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Better Late Than Never

‘Got a present from my co-employee today. Well, C said that her birthday gift for me will be delayed because she has to have it shipped to her. I wondered what it was until I opened the gift this evening. It’s a t-shirt with Sailor Moon print on it and a sweater. My, I did not expect she will give me these. It’s a late present but, truly, I am surprised. I guess she got the idea of Sailor Moon when we talked about anime shows that I love watching on television when I was younger. And Sailor Moon was one of them.

Thank you so much C for the present. I appreciate your being so nice to me. Of course, you and K are sweet girls.

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