Reserve Me

When I was reminding my boss about my job review this month, I asked her if she can reserve me for a sales associate position. I am not leaving her. I just want to be transferred and work to another department…to experience something new. This idea came to me when a co-employee asked if I am interested to work on the sales floor. My answer is yes. The main thing is, working in sales means higher pay. But there is a daily quota. It is quite a worry but it is also a challenge to all sales personnel.

My manager asked me where do I want to be transferred. I wanted to be considered in ladies’ shoes, lingerie, kids department, or women’s accessories area. She said, “Why not? You are very good. We will talk about it soon as I get a replacement.”

But now, I am asking myself…do I really want to leave customer service?

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How Positive And Negative Criticism Can Help You Become More Efficient

Criticism is just normal in a workplace. Positive criticism should be taken as they are and negative criticism should be taken as a challenge so we can improve ourselves more, and let our colleagues (especially the critics) see how effective and efficient we are in our jobs. By taking these negative criticisms in a positive way, we make ourselves more enthusiastic in doing our job. What matters is that, we have a good job record. This way we continue to strive and reach for our ambition to succeed.

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Travel Plans This Year

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

Since my husband and I recently had our vacation international, we do not have accumulated vacation time left. He used all his time off from last year. Me? I just earned a few days off.

This year, we are saving our time off so we can use them on inter-state travels. I would really love to explore the USA. One state I would like to go is Missouri. I heard a lot of nice things about Branson, Missouri. Surfing the Internet, I found beautiful hotels to stay there. My two picks are Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and Hilton Branson Convention Center. A fabulous hotel accommodation is my weakness. I love to be pampered and treated like a princess whenever I travel 🙂

If we still had an available time off, we would like begin our adventure around the country and visit Missouri as the first start. Why? Because an event is upcoming in one of the best hotels there. Hilton Branson Convention Center is hosting an Italian Culinary Weekend on February 26-27. Food is the main event! Affordable packages are offered by the hotel. And if you are interested, contact them now.

Like I said, we do not have time off left now. If so, I already have a plan on what to do while in Branson, Missouri. Seven days is the maximum days off I can get (because I am newly hired in my job).

Day 1 – Relax and explore the hotel in Branson
Day 2 – Visit museums and theme parks
Day 3 – Take a tour to town and the riverwalk
Day 4 – Food trip, attend the culinary event
Day 5 – Have a serene moment in the lake
Day 6 – Shop for souvenirs
Day 7 – Relax and prepare to leave Missouri

Nice plan huh? Well, in the near future the dream will come true…hopefully.

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