Tomorrow Is Thanksgiving Day

The store is closed tomorrow. It is Thanksgiving, hello!? Most establishments are closed. Everyone will see family for the Thanksgiving dinner.

I am not cooking for dinner tomorrow…there is nothing to prepare anyway. Me and my husband will go to his brother’s house in Prosper. I hope it is going to be another wonderful day for us.

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Why Do I Want To Have An Ethernet Broadband Router?

‘Not really sure if I am ready for a Wi-Fi Internet right now. Yes, I bought a broadband router so I can use the Internet anywhere (where hot spots are). Now that I received the D-Link package from Walmart the other day, I should start setting it up. I chose D-Link Ethernet router because of its good reviews. But I am hesitating because…I do not think I am ready…or maybe I am just procrastinating.

The real reason is, laziness strikes when I get home from work. See, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year. There will be days I will be coming home late because of extended working hours. In fact, my long work hours started on the day I reported to work from my vacation.

Oh well, might as well set up the router. Why do I want to have an ethernet broadband router? Because it is helpful to access the Internet without being stuck on the desktop computer.

How about you? Share some of your experiences on having a broadband router at home.

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