Your Chance To Get A Camaro

It is clear to me that to get more job opportunities in the city without worrying about how far the work place is to learn how to drive. Of course, you have to own a car for yourself to be able to travel around the city. It is a very huge advantage to drive your own car going to and from work. ‘A big help too.

We all wanted to have a car. Me? Big time. Buying a car? It is my dream. But wait! How about joining the Charter’s Camaro Sweepstakes? I heard Charter is giving a way a new 2010 Camaro. Wow! Who would not want that?

Charter has always brings new opportunities to customers. Besides being the fastest Internet service, Charter has been bringing everything back to life. And bringing your garage back to life with this new Camaro will be big excitement. In addition to winning this gorgeous car, you can get gift cards when you buy Charter services. Gift cards amount may vary depending on the services you buy.

$100 gift card = three services bought
$ 50 gift card = two services bought
$ 25 gift card = one service bought

And for the grand prize, a new 2010 Camaro! All you need to do is register at Do not forget to view the complete rules and specifications of the sweepstakes. You can also visit Charter on Facebook. If you are on Twitter, check Charter on Twitter too.

Win a Camaro now!

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2 thoughts on “Your Chance To Get A Camaro

  1. It certainly would be great to have a new Camaro! I know this will date me but can you believe that many years ago my mom bought me a brand new camaro and I'll be honest and tell you the price of a new car back then was around $3,000!!! I look back now and think how unbelieveable it is when you see what a new car cost now hey we're talking in figures of $10,000- $20,000. Now I of course could not afford a brand new car nor would I want to even buy a new car there is so much I could invest that type of money into like my home or savings acct. But it still would be nice to think about having a new car I'd sell it and take that money and invest it. I guess I better read the fine print to see if I can sell it "IF" I did win the Thanks for the info. tip on this sweepstakes. I hope you win so you won't have to walk to work anymore,you must be a very strong person to get up and walk to work there's a lot of people who wouldn't take a job because they have to walk to the job. I give you a lot of credit. You go girl.

  2. Thank you for letting us know of this contest, I need a car and what better price to get a car than to get it for free.

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