Find Your Bliss: Win A Fabulous Phone By Getting Rid Of The Ugly One

If you are asked to get rid of something you do not need in your house…let us say something ugly…what would it be? Would you be willing to throw them or give them away? Or might as well, sell them in a very low price? It would be very interesting if you get rid of an ugly thing and get a new one huh? But instead of buying it, you will win it. How’s that sound?

If you are fond of joining contests, this one is for you. We know that LG is a leading brand of home appliance. Not only that, it is also a popular name for e-gadgets like mobile phones. I am telling you this because LG is currently holding a contest which gives the opportunity to win huge prizes. Wondering what to do? You just have to upload a picture or video to of anything you consider ugly and you want to get rid of. That is kind of easy.

Everybody wants to win something fabulous. And if you join, the lucky participant will win an LG Bliss phone. It is fun. Visit LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page for details. Good luck to us!

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