Stress And Pressure…Do You Complain?

How do you deal with work’s pressure and stress? Do you get cranky or irritated? Do you complain?

The amount of pressure you get working depends on the type of job you are into. And stress from the pressure is the most unlikeable thing to deal with at work. Most people try to keep their cool by thinking of happy thoughts and motivational things to go on without ruining the day. Others just become cranky and sensitive. This leads to misunderstandings. Some situation at work are complicated especially when the boss assigned a very complex tasks. In addition to that, he/she wants them finished IMMEDIATELY.

I have been through this situation. Though errors are unavoidable, I had to be focused in everything. It should always be. If I get stressed, I admit, I get irritated but I do not complain. Stepping away from my work area for 10 minutes helps me relax my nerves. Then I will be back with a smile on my face. It is part of the job I am in. And I love my job.

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4 thoughts on “Stress And Pressure…Do You Complain?

  1. @ drop it like me
    I am proud to say that I have a good attitude when it comes to work.

    @ ruby
    done adding you in two of my blogs. will work on the others. 🙂


  2. thanks a lot sis..added your all your blogs na diay…give me a buzz when your done…thanks a bunch!

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