Unethical And Unprofessional

I super hate back fighters. I think they are traitors. Back fighting, saying negative things or making fun of other people, is an unethical practice in the workplace. Especially if you are making fun of your subordinates or of the person in a higher position than yours. I have observed this kind of humiliation in my previous jobs. People like them are everywhere. No work ethics. What a shame.

As a professional manager or supervisor, you should act as an example to your subordinates so they will look up to you and respect you. If you want to question the higher boss’s implementation of rules and regulations in the company, ask him/her personally. It is not proper to say something negative and make fun out of the person. Others may laugh with you, but to other people’s mind, you are just showing your cowardice and unprofessionalism.

I am expressing my thought in this post referring to the managers I closed with in the store today 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Unethical And Unprofessional

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    Nways, I hate that kind of people also especially those who are plastic..Pretending nice when in front of us but talking bad when not

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