You Can Get Free Piano Lessons Online

I love music. No doubt with that.
I can carry a note…learned to sing at four. I am not lifting my own chair here but I am the office diva at work 🙂

The thing is, I do not know how to play any music instrument. Piano, guitar, violin…you name it. That is my frustration. I envy my brother who learned how to play the music instrument of his interest. My favorite was piano. I was interested to sing and play the piano in the church when I was young. Now, with the help of the Internet, learning to play piano is made easy. You can download free piano sheet music guide online. You can also take piano lessons too! Interesting right?

I might not have the time to work on this. Maybe I will let my child to pursue piano lessons in the future.

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4 thoughts on “You Can Get Free Piano Lessons Online

  1. @ karen
    how i wish i had the talent to play piano and guitar, sigh. but singing, i may say, I can sing. Though not as well as professional singers 🙂

    @ burn
    sure. you can try it and it is free.

    @ Icy BC
    great. now you have something to check on and download the lessons for free.


  2. Thanks for the information about piano sheet music..I can use them with my keyboard!

  3. I love to learn how to play a piano, though I have some little knowledge about it.. I will try this online piano lesson.. thanks for sharing

  4. Same here, i used to have a free piano lesson at church like back in high school but i haven't gotten to complete all the lessons, i got too carried away with school stuff that i didn't have that much drive in me to continue. It seems i'm the only one in the family who doesn't play any musical instrument. My mom plays piano and guitar, my bro used to play drums and my sis and other bro learned to play guitar. heehee but i love music, i just sing in the shower ahahaha i don't have that good voice.

    You can still pursue it if you want. 😀 Have a blessed day!

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