A Healthy Quick Fix Meal Saves Double

It is back to school season. Parents, teachers, and students are now starting to get everything prepared. School supplies, uniforms, and other necessities are in the shopping list.

Back to school means back to the busiest days for the working mothers. Why? It is obvious. Waking up early in the morning to prepare the children to school is one. We make sure they eat a very nutritious meal before heading to class. I know most of us are very keen when it comes to giving good food to our children.

Speaking of nutritious meal, have you heard about Fix Quix? It is a quick fix snack that is low in calories, low in fat, and high source of protein. It is a ready to eat meal so it saves you time to prepare. A better choice for busy individuals like us, and a healthy meal for our children in this back to school season. Interested? There is a $1.00 online coupon we can download, print, and use at the register in the grocery store when checking out. Well, now we get double savings here: time and money. But, the coupon is only good in Texas, Arizona, and St. Louis (Missouri).

It is back to school. And a healthy meal is essential for children to be able to perform their best in class. And for us working mothers? A healthy quick fix snack is important to keep us going on a stressful working day.

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