‘Should Get The Energy…To Win!

I need to cool down. I am still in heat from yesterday’s unpleasant deals. My energy level is not at its best today. Good thing there is BluFrog energy drink available in the fridge. My husband bought some of these while we were in the grocery store last weekend.

What makes BluFrog the recommended energy drink is that, it has high percentage amount of Vitamin B12 and low amount calories. Vitamin B12 is a soluble vitamin that is good for everyone because it does a key role for the formation of blood. And good blood circulation brings the body great amount of energy. Anyway, have you heard about the BluFrog contest? Check it out because they are giving away five adventurous prizes to the lucky winners. One is a gaming package and four of them are travel opportunities. Read the prizes below:

Prize 1 – Blu Gamer: The Ultimate Gaming Package
Prize 2 – Happy Blu-Year: New Year’s Eve Trip to New York
Prize 3 – Blullapalooza: Trip to Lollapalooza in Chicago
Prize 4 – BluStreak: Richard Petty Racing Experience in Orlando
Prize 5 – XtremeBlu: Trip to the Winter X Games in Aspen

How is that? The prizes are exciting. Join the contest now and get the chance to win one of the adventure trip of our life. Well, I have to have my entry now.

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Patience, Self-Control, And Cheerful Attitude

Arggh!!! The customer service department was in heat late afternoon yesterday. A couple of unpleasant situation were encountered…by me. There was the “small scene” made by a guy associate. Then two customers were fussy about something.

The first one was fixing to make a payment for his credit card when he realized the billing statement was not on hand. So he called the credit services and spoke with somebody there. I guess he did not like what he was told so he was like whining about it and got to the point where our store manager spoke to him explaining the whole situation about his credit card. Perhaps he got tired of calling the credit services again, he decided to leave the store. The second customer was making a return for the pair of shoes she bought more that a week ago. Actually she already went to the shoe department but did not took her return because she did not want the gift card idea. Well, she has two merchandise in her receipt-a pair of shoes and a purse. She made two mode of payments…debit card and gift card. But she paid the higher amount item (purse) with a gift card. Our return procedure is, crediting the refund to the original tender of purchase and to the tender which paid the high amount on the receipt. So the only option we can give her was a gift card for the shoes return. She did not want that because she paid for it with her debit card.

Anyway, I asked the approval of a manager to transfer the gift card amount to her debit card, which she agreed to. After all the work and transaction copies were printed for both of us, she hysterically whined about the copies because she wants a register print receipt (journal receipt copy) for the transaction. I told her that this type of transaction will not go to the register because we are transferring the money from the gift card to her debit card. The system print out is the proof of the transfer transaction. The customer insisted. There was nothing I can do because it is not possible. So I called a manager to deal with her. Even the manager explained hard to the customer about the procedure. She did not accepted it but she took the print out and left.

There are different situations dealt in the workplace everyday. Working in customer service requires patience, self-control, and cheerful attitude. You have to be wise too. Sometimes, in situations mentioned above, you need to be calm. And that is what I am doing whenever I encounter customers with attitude.

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Something Is Not Right

Starting today, I will watch whom I will be dealing with at work. I mean being nice is good but becoming too nice will hurt you sometimes.

I do not deserve to be treated rudely just because somebody forgot to bring the small trash out last night for the housekeeping people to pick up this morning. Hello!? He can remind me to bring that out tonight…and not to drop the whole plastic bag somewhere in the walk way of our workplace. I do not care about what his side comments were, but his dropping of the bag is not right. Huh! This guy does not know what Marly got. I will be just quiet in the corner, he should not have to dare me.

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