Making Audits Easier

The first quarter of the year (accounting fiscal year) is the hectic time for the accounting department in all companies. Financial audits are done in this period. Employees in the accounting department are very busy with providing all transaction reports such as cash receipts copies, cash vouchers, financial report from the previous year…etcetera.

Some people are still having difficulties in auditing a business. But if they have an audit software ready for the audit period, I think the work will much easier. If reconciling accounts payable is somewhat complicated to handle, getting an accounts payable audit software is of big help especially to businesses with a wide range of operation. With the help of an audit software, accounting will become more interesting to deal with.

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Almost One Hundred Percent

‘Got reports today about the monthly credit application status in all departments of the store. Us, in customer service, almost got a 100% in customer credit applications. Only K did not get one. But we agreed that whoever gets a customer to apply for a store credit card, we will give that to K (if she is around). We still have a week so there will be a possible applicant. Who knows? And our department will be the only area to have a 100% score in store credit applications. That is awesome!

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