Father’s Day Gift

It is Father’s Day. I bet everybody was very busy shopping for gifts for Dads yesterday. It was pretty much busy for us in the customer service at work yesterday. A bunch of gift wraps from customers arrived until eight o’clock in the evening. Good thing we were two on duty for the night shift.

What I got for my father? I bought him a bottle of men’s fragrance from Calvin Klein. Since I have discount benefit in the store, I used my store credit card to purchase a perfume for him. I am very much sure my father will like the gift I bought.

Happy Father’s Day Tatay!

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2 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift

  1. surely he will like the perfume. thank you for the greetings.

  2. Yes for sure your father will like the gift you bought. I just want to greet ur dad a Happy Father's Day. Hope he will enjoy the day.

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