Have You Already Planned Your Summer Vacation?

When my associate N came back from lunch today, he was complaining how hot and humid it was outside. I said after the storm, the sun will show up and the heat is intense. He told me not to go out for lunch because of the heat. I said I will just eat at the food court.

Being hot under the sun makes him want to go to the beach. N said that he and his girlfriend are considering the thought of going to Myrtle Beach Resort in South Carolina. His girlfriend’s father will pay for the half of the vacation expenses. I think that is so wonderful. I have been hearing about Myrtle Beach Resorts which are highly recommended by travelers. And the accommodation in Myrtle Beach Hotels are fine as well as reasonable for guests satisfaction.

I love going to the beach in the Summer. I hope we can visit Myrtle Beach in the near future. How about you? Have you already planned your Summer vacation?

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