Sharp Look, Smooth Drive

Here is a pleasant surprise for the month. My car has arrived. It is a Toyota Scion 2009 bought in Tyler, Texas. I am so excited about it! My husband and I went car shopping here in Fort Worth but we did not find a good deal.

My parents-in-law helped us find a pretty nice car that will suit my lifestyle. They are very considerate. My husband’s Dad drove the car and he found it very good. He has the experience of knowing a car’s quality. Plus this new Scion model from Toyota has a sharp look on the road. It has a very smooth drive and can reach up to 38 miles per gallon in the city. So, my husband bought me this precious car!

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2 thoughts on “Sharp Look, Smooth Drive

  1. thanks emc, do not worry..God will bless you one in the future.

  2. Good for u! congratulations on ur new car! i wish i'll have mine one day!!bloghopping here!! ":)

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