Inspired To Work And Giving Gifts

Why do you work? Do you need to or do you have to? Me? I work because I need to have an income for me and my family. As a matter of fact, working gives us the eagerness to learn new things everyday. The rewards such as salaries and incentives motivate us to do so. The family is our inspiration why we are working hard. We save for their future’s sake. Despite of everything, we manage to give our loved ones gifts on special occasions like birthdays and Father’s Day celebration.

Six days from today is my father’s birthday. Though I am far away, distance is not a hindrance. Sure technology in communication is very helpful. Same as with shopping too. Online shopping for the gift that I would like to give my father on his birthday is convenient. I want to buy him a wristwatch because he needs one…he always wanted to have a watch. It makes me feel bad thinking how his brother promised to give him a watch. Then at the end, nothing. So I hope I can buy and send my father a Citizen Eco Drive wristwatch. There are many designs and styles available online but I like this one better. I know he will be happy.

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May ’09 ECardsters

It is lucky to have visitors in your homes. It means blessings keep on coming because of your hospitality. That is why I thank everyone who constantly comes in here. Especially the 10 wonderful people below:

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Sharp Look, Smooth Drive

Here is a pleasant surprise for the month. My car has arrived. It is a Toyota Scion 2009 bought in Tyler, Texas. I am so excited about it! My husband and I went car shopping here in Fort Worth but we did not find a good deal.

My parents-in-law helped us find a pretty nice car that will suit my lifestyle. They are very considerate. My husband’s Dad drove the car and he found it very good. He has the experience of knowing a car’s quality. Plus this new Scion model from Toyota has a sharp look on the road. It has a very smooth drive and can reach up to 38 miles per gallon in the city. So, my husband bought me this precious car!

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