Lost And Found In Customer Service Department

Almost three times a week something is turned in to lost and found in our department. I wonder why some shoppers forget their belongings in the store. Maybe they are in a hurry or something.

Today, a customer picked up her prescription sunglasses. She left it in the women’s department dressing room. She said she was trying on a social dress and placed her sunglasses on the chair. She liked the dress and headed to the register without thinking about her sunglasses left in the dressing room.

She said it is her most precious prescription sunglasses. Because of having a difficulty finding the right sunglasses, she bought them online at OpticsPlanet.net. They are pretty and stylish though.

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3 thoughts on “Lost And Found In Customer Service Department

  1. @ madz
    I do sometimes forget things somewhere. But good thing I always found them before they get lost 🙂

    @ Abas
    i agree, lost and found is very helpful.


  2. Glad dad I haven’t left something valuable yet. And good that her prescription sunglasses had been sent back to her.

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