Everybody Deserves A Break

We were super busy yesterday. People were rushing here and there buying stuff for Easter. Others had Easter presents gift wrapped for their family. Also, we had a Prom event where the dresses were in huge sale. So everybody at the store was energetic.

Customers’ calls came every couple of minutes (personal calls for associates are not included). The business went well. One customer asked if we will be open today, Easter Sunday. I told her that the store will be closed. “Yeah, you are right,” she said. “Everybody deserves a break.”


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13 thoughts on “Everybody Deserves A Break

  1. @ madz
    i am hoping you’ll get your break soon. let me know how it goes 🙂

    @ Fida
    thank you for linking. I added yours too. will work on the meme you have given me. i appreciate it.

    @ ria
    hey, you just have a vacation in the USA. you better get back to work. hehehe.

    @ jj
    i am working in a department store but not in Wal-mart. yes, i should enjoy each day off i have.

    @ laura
    don’t worry laura, everything will be fine with you. just enjoy all of it.

    @ prettymom and anneberly
    yes, we deserve it. even mom’s too 🙂 i am one of the busy people now…there should be no complains 🙂

    @ atorturedsoul
    i appreciate the add. done with yours too.

  2. Hi, Marly! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I added you to my blogroll.

  3. Music to my ears. A break would be perfect, once I have all my affairs in order. Soon enough…right 🙂 – Hope you enjoyed your day off 🙂

  4. Hey Marly,
    If I remember correctly I thought you just got a job at WalMart. I also thought that WalMart never gave a day off, or that must be a misunderstanding or only in the U.S. I thought. But I agree everybody does deserve a break! So each time you get one, enjoy it!!!!

  5. Dear Marly,

    I am glad having your comment at my recent post and of course you can link mine and also you have been in my list.

    There is a special tag for you too.

    Have nice day.

  6. @ Tey
    yea, i enjoy working though sometimes it is tiring 🙂

    @ badet
    right. working in retail needs patience. you have to be busy to keep it going.

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