Introducing: SeaWorld’s New Attraction

Are Summer vacation plans running in your mind right now? I bet they are. If you are still figuring which place to go, let me suggest a destination where you and your family can fully enjoy the vacation. SeaWorld. It is one of my favorite recreational theme park as of the moment and I recommend this awesome place to be your summer getaway.

I have been dreaming of going to SeaWorld. Some of my friends at work had gone thru under-the-sea experience and they were all mesmerized. SeaWorld has a lot to offer when it comes to family recreation. Like the newly opened attraction called Manta-Ride The Flying Ray. It is an adventure ride structured like a Manta ray. When you ride it, you will fly like a sting ray in the ocean. Sounds fun, is not it?

As a treat for their opening celebration, SeaWorld will be giving away a free “Front-of-the-line” pass to Manta to the lucky individuals who will perfectly answer the Manta quiz , and win the contest they are running right now. The contest is hold in celebration of the attraction’s opening in May. Participation is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below and enjoy.

1.) Register or log-in to your account
2.) Use your existing Twitter account or sign up for a free account
3.) Follow on Twitter for insider tips on the quiz
4.) Find answers for the Manta quiz throughout the Website
5.) Correctly answer five Manta questions – but be careful! You only get three chances.
6.) On successful completion, you will receive an email from

I just participated in the contest and it was fun. I hope to receive an email soon. That would be more enjoyable.

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Are There Real Opportunities For Me?

I was just wondering if you guys have been receiving emails from You know, they have given me a couple of tasks and earned extra income from them last year. This year they are sending me email saying that there are tasks/opportunities addressed to me. I assume the these tasks/opportunities are available for me to take. But when I logged in to my account, there is nothing in my Dashboard but my status. How come?

I sent them an email a couple of times but there is no response from Well, maybe I have to call them then.

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$ 150 Short…What?

Working from noon until closing in the evening is not an ideal for some but for us in retail, there is no complain. We have to get going because we need to gain sales for income.

I have noted that my usual closing day is on Wednesdays. But on Sundays, I have to work from noon ’til six o’clock. Two of us worked today. After doing the closing announcement, we straightened up everything in our workplace. I counted the change drawers but there was one which is $150.00 short. Huh??? I could not believe it. Because when associates come for some change for their registers, we count the money twice before they leave the counter.

Then I remember the cashier/auditor gave us bundles of money for the change drawers before she left. I checked them and noticed that she supposed to give us $250.00 but it was only $100.00 when I recounted the stack. I wrote a note for her to check the matter hoping everything will be fine tomorrow.

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