I Believe Practice Makes Perfect

Getting a two-days off that fall on a weekend is really awesome. I spent my weekend driving around town with my honey. We wind up going to the car dealers. He is planning to buy me a car this year. Is not it sweet? Awesomeness!

The question is, am I ready to drive? He told me to practice driving at any available time on the weekends. After all, my Learner’s Permit is valid for one year so I have plenty of time to practice my turns, my steer, and my parking. Ugh! This is hard. I thought of giving up sometimes but my husband keeps on telling me to go on because I really need to do this.

I know driving is difficult for a non-experienced person like me. But I am eager to learn. I am praying for it. Practice makes perfect.

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Buffet Lunch At Golden Corral

Though our plan to see my cousin was canceled, it did not mean my weekend was dull. My honey and I had a great time. Instead of going to the country, we agreed to drive around Fort Worth. I tried persuading him to go Downtown but he said no. He does not like the traffic there. He hates driving on “one way” streets.

But before we hit the road, we had a big buffet lunch for $9.00 per person at Golden Corral (located three miles from the apartment). My honey loves their salad. He enjoyed slices of steak and two pieces of mini-burgers. My plate was full with rice, pot roast, fried chicken, and corn. Then we shared a bowl of banana pudding for dessert. After he finished the ice tea and me with the lemonade, we got out of Golden Corral stuffed.

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