What’s New At SeaWorld?

I feel tired. My muscles are stiff and my eyes are warm. Maybe because I exerted so much energy at work. I have mentioned that I was all by myself at the Customer Service yesterday.

It was still bright outside when my honey picked me up from work today. Though I still wanted to walk around the mall or go somewhere else, my body was telling me to go home and relax. In stressful times like this I want to go to a place where I can relax and enjoy a pleasant surrounding or a beautiful attraction…in a botanical garden, at the beach or in a theme park maybe. I would choose to be in a theme park and the best one I have in mind is the SeaWorld. I would love see the dolphins.

Dolphins are the most intelligent animal. They can perform tricks easily. But they can do other amazing things without training. Like this video (shared in World News by Charles Gibson), a dolphin is showing a trick of blowing bubbles. They are chasing these bubbles and playing with them at the same time.

It is amazingly awesome! What makes it more fascinating is that, nobody taught the dolphins this behavior that captured the public’s interest. Right now, dolphin bubbles is the main attraction in SeaWorld. There is no doubt that visitors will surely enjoy interacting with these dolphins. Watch the dolphin bubbles video and you will be excited to see them for real.

Watching the video makes me more anxious to visit SeaWorld this summer.

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