Money In Hobby

While waiting for her employment authorization, my cousin E would like to have something to be busy with. What interest her right now is doing the embroidery. She knows how to sew and she has skills in embroidery.

I told her that she can make money with it. Actually there are many cool things she can sell like embroidered shirts, hats, and personalized table mats. will help her in the process of choosing or making the designs and stuff. This way, embroidery will be very easy for her. Also this will help E to get rid of the boredom at home on weekdays. Who knows, embroidery will become her business in the future.

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Schedule Swap 2

Nah…I do not think my honey and I can make it to the party early on Saturday, March 14 (brother-in-law’s birthday). All of us in our department will be working on that day except K who will be on vacation.

I asked if somebody will be on a day off and if he/she likes to schedule swap with me. But S is working with me in opening on the 14th while C and N will close. I guess I have to tell my friend in Mineola that we are not arriving to the party early so that she can decide if they can come or not. ‘Better tell her immediately!

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The Three Food Groups

Do you still remember the three food groups? Go, grow, and glow foods. Correct! These foods are essential to building a healthy body. The examples of Go foods are rice, bread, and other starchy foods that provide carbohydrates. The Grow foods such as meat, milk, and beans are the best source of proteins to help growth and development. We can also get protein from organic whey. Glow foods, on the other hand, are foods that help in body regulation. Examples of these foods are green leafy vegetables, fruits, and even water regulates the body systems to flush body wastes away, and boost healthy immune system.

Nowadays, many supplements are coming out in the market. For people who lack protein, they get the best protein drink to sustain the need. Or they get energy protein powder to mix in their meal or drinks. Whatever the source is, we should take our health into account. The important thing is that we eat a healthy diet everyday to stay well and fit.

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