It’s Been A Year

It has been a year since my arrival here in Texas. Yes, it is the first anniversary of my arrival. I recall the sleepless hours during the flight with Korean Air. I could not get myself to sleep. The flight was smooth but I stayed up the whole time of travel. Maybe because of the thought of flying to the USA gave me the feeling of mixed emotions.During the first few months, I did a couple of things. Aside from visiting Mom and Dad, driving to our house in the country and going to places downtown, I spent most of the time at home. Surfing the Internet was my outlet to ease the boredom. My honey introduced to playing poker and slots in online casinos. It was interesting but hey, I just play for fun! Then I met new friends who I have started to get along with well.

My honey was very understanding during my adjustment period. And I can say that I am now settled and secured living in Texas with him. In addition, the current job I am in today keeps me busy.

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