Adjusting To The New Job Routine

Reading newspaper has been a habit to me. But before I go to the news, I read the horoscope first (smiles). I was stunned with what I read my horoscope stated in the Coffee News:

(Jan. 21-Feb. 19)
“Small changes in your job routines are likely. Although you may wish to stick with what has worked in the past, you may have to adjust to a different set of conditions.”

This relates to the job I am in right now. Everything is new…the job field, working environment, co-employees, the system, and even the rate of pay. I used to do office works in my previous jobs. In fact, I worked in the Accounting departments before. Truly I wanted to stick with the nature of work I did in the past but it does not make sense to me now because the job competition here is very high. I am so thankful to be hired in the retail company. And yes, there are different set of conditions that I have to follow. Besides working at day time on weekdays, I have to work on the assigned schedule which includes working in the evening and on weekends too. It is a big adjustment, really.

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2 thoughts on “Adjusting To The New Job Routine

  1. hello angel. sure oi ganahan ko ug mga postcards. I am living in Texas now. I can give you my address, ‘will send it by email okay? take care too.

  2. musta ang beauty..salamat sa visit…unsa diay imo address diha..kalugar ko padad-an tika postcards…ganahan pud diay ka postcards..mao pud na ako hobby ba..collecting postcards…no probs pud if mag exchange ta ug postcards..hehehe

    asa diay ka sa US Mhar…curious ayo2 diha..

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