Schedule Swap

There is a fun day coming. My sister-in-law called to tell us there will be a party for her husband’s birthday. And she invited us to come over to Tyler next Saturday. Cool! But I saw I have to work on that day. I cannot think of something else but to swap schedule with one of my associates.

Work schedules swap is to work on other associate’s time of duty based on the agreed day and time of both parties. Of course, the immediate supervisor’s approval is required on this matter.

Oh, you know what? I do not know who will I swap with. K will be having her vacation, and C has not posted her March schedule on the bulletin board yet. I am not sure if S is off on that Saturday. This is confusing me. I need to confirm our trip to Tyler this week as soon as I figure out who is available for swapping.

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2 thoughts on “Schedule Swap

  1. Well, those are the people who are jealous. they do not understand the real reason why we need to swap schedule.

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