Schedule Swap

There is a fun day coming. My sister-in-law called to tell us there will be a party for her husband’s birthday. And she invited us to come over to Tyler next Saturday. Cool! But I saw I have to work on that day. I cannot think of something else but to swap schedule with one of my associates.

Work schedules swap is to work on other associate’s time of duty based on the agreed day and time of both parties. Of course, the immediate supervisor’s approval is required on this matter.

Oh, you know what? I do not know who will I swap with. K will be having her vacation, and C has not posted her March schedule on the bulletin board yet. I am not sure if S is off on that Saturday. This is confusing me. I need to confirm our trip to Tyler this week as soon as I figure out who is available for swapping.

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Save Your Source Of Profit

In this time of crisis many businesses are hanging on the edge. Though the management leadership is strong, the resources are getting low. How will a business survive this predicament?

Let us admit, all businesses need money to maintain operation. Some implements cost-cutting to reduce expenses. This is good. Still, there is money going out. One way of saving a business from down fall is acquiring loans for additional funds. Merchant cash advance is offered to help a business continue its venture. Lenders offer hassle-free loan process. As long as requirements are met, fast approval can be obtained.

I know it is another credit idea but if this will help save your source of profit, why not take the chance?

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Meeting The Big Boss

Everybody at work was busy. Besides dealing with shoppers/customers, we were preparing our posts for a very important visitor. Our superiors checked all the areas of responsibility. Our Big Boss was here! We at Customer Service did some more organization in our area but neither one of us noticed if the Big Boss passed by towards the managers’ offices.

One employee from another department told me that our Big Boss looked around. I thought, maybe he was here to see what is going on in the store. The store is doing pretty well. And everyone (including me) is diligently doing their job to gain big sales.

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