Giving The Home A Fresh Look

Whenever I do house cleaning, I think of my mother’s sister-in-law (aunt) back home. She does a good job in making their home look fresh. ‘Wondering why I am referring to my aunt rather than my mother? Because I lived with her and her family during the years of working in Manila when I was single. My aunt taught me things to make the home look pleasant. And like what my mother always say, it is very important for a woman to maintain home cleanliness and orderliness.

Now that I am a homemaker I am learning the job. Besides doing the household chores, I clean the house on my days off. Rearranging the furniture gives the home a new look, pleasant and warm feeling. Placing home decors in a new appropriate place is also a good interior design idea. Doing this at least three times a year is fine. The most important part of the house for me are the kitchen, bedroom, and the bathroom. Tidying up clutters in the living room makes sense too.

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