Just A Matter Of Balance

After working six straight days (first week of my full-time work), I am getting two days off. Though they are not during the weekends I am happy to get some relaxation on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yey! I already had things planned.

Working is fun. But if you do not have time to relax and enjoy, you will feel unhappy when the time comes. It is just a matter of balancing work and leisure. So far, I like what I do in the customer service department. The staff is very approachable and I am learning new things everyday.

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4 thoughts on “Just A Matter Of Balance

  1. that’s great, Mhars… it’s always nice when you love what you’re doing, it just lessened the stress… enjoy your day off:)

  2. True. Balance, not only with work but with everything. We students also need some days off to keep our brains functioning…

  3. Hi dear..

    congratulations!! my first award to you lies on my blog.. you deserve this honestly.. so please pick it up soon and have fun 🙂

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