Working Girl

Oh my! I am working straight this week until Monday. I am starting to wake up early in the morning…again. Ten months ago I was enjoying the pleasure of waking up eight o’clock in the morning, walking around the apartment complex, and shopping at every stores nearby. Besides spending most of my time on the Internet, I also enjoyed traveling in the country with my honey. Now that I am having a full-time job, the things I usually do will be pretty much limited.

Well, it is better this way. I have a job and I like it. Our plan of going back to the Philippines this year is at hand. So we need to save up…on everything. I am so thankful to the Almighty I got this job. It is a new working environment for me, the challenge is so high. I need to be more patient and get a shower of smartness (smiles).

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8 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. well sometime full tie job is boring..but it depends on us..if we can enjot our jobs,then our jobs will be more indonesian, i have motto "Kerja Keras Adalah Energi Kita" which in english isHard Workis Our energy..with this motto,i belive we can do our job well…

  2. @ hapi
    done adding your blog in mine hapi

    @ ria
    thanks for the greetings. we are planning to go back home maybe late this year, may awa ang Diyos.

    @ melds
    sure melds, hope to meet you soon.

    @ jj
    i am enjoying my new job here now and i am learning too. by the way, this is a new blog of mine. hope you will add in yours too.

  3. Hi Marly, How have you been? I hope you and your honey have a wonderful new year and a prosperous one. You said you have a new job… when did you get this new job? Will you still be blogging or will it be part time? I know you and you will probably do all at once. Did you change your theme or is this another new blog?

  4. wow good luck i am hapi for you. when you come over to the philippines, i hope we cud meet. U just live in leyte, right?

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