First Working Day Of The Year 2009

Uh oh! The holidays are over. Meaning it is back to regular days again and today is, pretty much, the first working day of the year 2009. And today is the start of my working full-time in a department store. After working temporary for the holidays, I filled a vacant position.

It was not too busy at the store. The guy I am working with was training me in handling incoming and outgoing phone calls. I also did page calls. I guess it is normal to stammer at first couple of phone calls I answered. To be familiar with paging ID and department numbers will take a couple of days…or maybe weeks? There are many things to learn about my work but I think I will get it quickly. What matters is, the customer’s first.

Anyway, this is my new job…new experience…new adventure. What is important right now is that I have a job. I have something to look forward to. Some say I am lucky to get this. I said it is a blessing. And you know what? I am starting to feel the Monday blues again. ^_^

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