Amazed With The Coincidence

For the first time my honey and I met Emelyn’s fiance. They came over at the apartment yesterday. He seems like a good guy. We are delighted to see Emelyn again. Knowing she is already here in Texas and living just about two hours away from our place, my honey is amazed with the coincidence. I am so glad my cousin is now with the man she loves. Emelyn and I are first cousins. My mother and her’s are sisters.

They arrived early afternoon. It was actually a surprise because my honey and I were still working on cooking stuff in the kitchen. Good thing I did some tidying the day before or else the place would look like there was a dozen kids living in. Anyway, my cousin helped me cook the bitter melon stir-fry and we had a great lunch together. Earlier, I notified my friend Norie about Emelyn and her fiance so Norie and her husband came over to meet them. Then we talked about the Visa process, he travel, and their wedding plans. We are excited now.

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