Ways To Earn Extra Income On The Internet

In my situation right now, the possibility of getting caught up with the bills back home is far from sight. I need resources. That is why I am super eager to make money online. Searching for extra side work is what I am doing right now. It would be great if I can work part time and make money at home.

There are plenty of freelance opportunities in the Internet. Freelance writing, data entry, and online tutorials are some of them. Most of my online friends are engaged with these freelance jobs and they are now benefiting their Internet Profits. I want to try getting a side work during my free time. This way, I can save up additional funds to send to my family back home.

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When I Have Extra Money On Hand

The plan of getting a haircut at the mall was postponed the moment I saw the new price. The haircut price has increased to $ 3.00. I said to myself, I will just wait until we get to Tyler this weekend because my mother-in-law suggested to let her daughter trim my hair.

I ended going to Dillard’s Department Store for they have up to 70% Off Sale. I was thinking of buying new lingerie so I went to the Intimate Apparel department. I got some good deals on brassiere and sleepwear. Darn! This is what happens when I have extra money on hand, I tell you.

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My Hairstyle For Life?

I am planning to get my hair trimmed tomorrow. My hair is getting long is difficult to manage now. Plus, I look skinnier with my long hair. I remember folks back home was saying the reason why some women gets skinny or look skinny is that the hair shares nutrients from the body.

I have tried different hairstyles on me. When I was a working student I had my hair cut on shoulder level with bangs. Then when I started to work full time, I had a barber’s cut. I came to the point where I decided to maintain a long layered hair and I love it. Some admires my straight shiny black hair.

It is necessary for me to have my hair trimmed to where I can manage it easily for good grooming.

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