Early Christmas Presents Already Received

Thank God the Balikbayan box package arrived 7:00 P.M. on Sunday night at home in the Philippines. It was delayed for a week than we expected but we were informed about the reason why. My younger sister next to me sent a text message expressing her happiness and appreciation of the gifts, surprises for her family especially for the kids. She cannot explain how delighted and thankful she is for the ring we gave her. Then my youngest sister joyfully said she liked the pink bella luce diamond earrings. We bought the very attractive birthstone ring and pink bella luce earrings for my sister from JewelryTelevision.com. My husband and I like to shop at JewelryTelevision.com because they have many affordable genuine gemstone jewelry for sale online. We are lucky to come across with discount prices on jewelry and other accessories there. The shipping cost is low and the delivery period will only take five business days. My honey is happy that my family liked the gifts.

When the Balikbayan box arrived, my mother said they will not open it until she is done cooking dinner. So they were so eager to see the gifts, but they waited. Then after my mother prepared the dinner on the table, she gave a “go” signal to open the box. Everybody is so happy…so excited with the early Christmas presents. (Nagkaguliyang jud.)

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Christmas Party Plans

Early November my colleagues and I do the usual plans for the upcoming company Christmas party. Everybody is busy in their assigned committee for a particular activity. What I like is to be in the committee for Christmas party games and prizes because I enjoy shopping for prizes at the mall.

Choosing the Christmas party game is not as hard as we thought. Some stick to the traditional games they are used to like the Guess Who game. I always find this game enjoyable. But there is nothing wrong if would look for new games. We just have to be resourceful. It is always interesting to try new Christmas party ideas. What matters is the fun and joy the Christmas holiday brings to each and everyone. To make the party successful, a steady checking on the planning checklist is very important.

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