Holiday Health Secrets

The holiday season is just around the corner, and although it is supposed to bring peace, love and harmony with it, many people may be feeling additional stress this year, due to our tough economic times.

Whether you have only a few people to shop for or a slew of parties to attend, during the holiday season everyday routines are cast aside, and many people feel like they are being pulled in many directions leaving a little time for rest, exercise of healthy eating habits.

Research shows that any event, even a joyous occasion like the holidays can cause stress levels to skyrocket, and put the body at risk of getting sick. Regardless of how prepared you are for the holiday season, more than likely you will experience some stress and disruption this season. However, with a few simple secrets you can enjoy the holidays without feeling completely unknown.

To de-stress the holidays, each of us should remember that it is not about what gifts you give or get, what parties you go to, or the amount of money you spend. The season should really be spent enjoying time with friends and family, reflecting, relaxing, and planning for the year ahead. Try to simplify and enjoy the season for its true meaning. (To be continued…)

Christie Bohm Chase, Greensheet, November 2008

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