As The Woman Of The House

As the woman of the house, we manage the organization inside our home. It is our nature to take care of the household. As much as possible, we want everything to be good from tidying up the clutters to furniture arrangements. But how do you supervise a big renovation-let’s say, remodeling of the favorite part of the house-the kitchen? Of course, we need help from professionals.

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2 thoughts on “As The Woman Of The House

  1. Hello Marly, wow you must have have a lot of time because you are managing four blogs whew!

    Anyhow, I like doing remodeling and so is Rose.. She’s a big help when we remodeled our house!

  2. when we remodeled our basement, I was so proud of my husband because he actually did good without the help of prof…

    Thanks for the kind words!

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