Italian Food for Dinner At Olive Garden After a Busy Day

It was a busy weekend for us in Wylie. We headed to the house in the country Friday night because we have to do errands early morning Saturday for we have a schedule to meet my husband’s friend in the evening. After doing the usual routine in town, we had some time to go to garage sales. We also stopped by in a book sale.
My husband told me that our meeting with his friend is postponed. So we just spent the afternoon mowing the yard since the weeds grew like crazy. We were tired. On our way back to Fort Worth, we stopped by at Olive Garden in Plano and stuffed ourselves with good dinner. Of course, I ordered my favorite Chicken Marsala.
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9 thoughts on “Italian Food for Dinner At Olive Garden After a Busy Day

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  2. Hi Marlyms,

    Great way to spend the day. The bonding is based on intellectual and culinary pursuits, one of the most pleasurable activities of man – eating.

    Books are the best way to enrich children’s imagination and intellectual development. MOwing the yard built that appetite for the excellent pasta dinner. Great day. 🙂 –Durano, done!

  3. Cute naman ang garage sale dyan. feels so cool place for book sale, hindi mainit at maaliwalas ang place

  4. Wow I love garage sale, finding the real treasury. Oh…the food looks so yummy. Thank for your lovely notes & the visits 🙂

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