Pearl’s Hosting a Contest

This is the very first contest that Kuting’s Place is going to join in. It is Pearl’s celebration for getting a new domain.She will be giving away the prizes listed below.

For 1 Winner:

…One-year subscription for Good Housekeeping Magazine (Philippines’ popular housekeeping magazine-I like it)

…1,500 EC credits and free 1 month advert on her blog

…USD 15 (for international winner)


…1 month free advert – 5 winners

…100 EC credits – first 30 participants

And here’s how to gain entries:


1. Add her blog ( to your blogroll = 2 entries
2. Leave a comment at her post here. = 2 entries


1. Fave her blog at Technorati = 4 entries
2. Subscribe to her Feeds = 4 entries
3. Write a blog post on your blog linking back to her contest = 3 entries
4. Do all these for a total of 18 entries (3 bonus entries)!

Leave a comment to inform her of all the things that you did to enter her contest. The winners will be chosen using Random.Org. Entries will be accepted until Midnight of 5 October and winners will be posted here on 8 October.

‘Hope I’ll win (smiles).

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